Foster Program

No matter how hard we may try, an animal shelter will never be a stress-free experience for an animal. Some of these animals do not take well to shelter conditions for various reasons, whether environmental or medical. Therefore we try to find foster homes for some animals to help them maintain their well-being. To help us, we are looking for caring and patient adult volunteers to take these pets into their homes. Any animal that goes into foster stays with their foster owners until their condition improves and they are returned to the shelter, until the foster owners can no longer foster the animal, or until the foster owners adopt the animal for themselves. During an animal’s stay in a foster home, North Jersey Humane Society will provide supplies such as food, crates, carriers, collars, leashes, and medication. In addition, we will cover any medical expenses involved with veterinarian visits to our approved vet. Furthermore, foster volunteers will receive appropriate training and instructions for caring for our animals.

We do however, require foster owners to bring their foster animal to any events or appointments at the request of shelter staff. Foster owners are encouraged to find potential adopters for their foster animal.


To participate in the foster program, a foster volunteer must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have prior pet ownership experience.
  • Have any current pets up to date on vaccinations.
  • Have appropriate facilities to house the animal.
  • Complete an application and submit it to the North Jersey Humane Society.
  • Be able to bring the foster animal to the North Jersey Humane Society for scheduled appointments.
  • Understand that all animals remain the property of the North Jersey Humane Society and must be returned for medical care and adoption.

Foster Program Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Provide a loving and nurturing environment for the foster animal.
  • Feed, medicate and groom the foster animal as instructed by the North Jersey Humane Society.
  • Ensure the safety of the foster animal.
  • Observe and report any changes in behavior, health or temperament to the North Jersey Humane Society.
  • Keep the foster animal under your care for the designated time period unless an agreement is made with the North Jersey Humane Society.
  • Understand that the North Jersey Humane Society retains ownership of the animal and that all potential adopters must go through North Jersey Humane Society adoption procedures.

To become a foster volunteer, please contact our shelter to ask about any animals in need of foster care. For additional questions regarding the foster program, please call the shelter where our staff will be happy to answer any questions.