Volunteer FAQ

General Questions

How do I sign up?

What happens after I bring my application in?

I used to volunteer at North Jersey Humane and/or Bergen County Protect & Rescue, do I still need to come in for an orientation?

What is the minimum age for volunteering?

Do I have to commit to a certain schedule?

I want to come in more than once a week, but I don't always know when I'll be available other than for my scheduled day. What do I do?

Dog/Cat Volunteering Questions

What kind of clothes should I wear?

I want to walk dogs but I'm nervous about some of the bigger ones. What should I do?

I want to play with dogs/cats but I don't want to clean or pick up poop.

How safe is this?

I have dogs/cats at home. Will they catch any illnesses the shelter animals may have?

Facility Volunteering Questions

I'm allergic to dogs/cats but I want to volunteer in the office, do you think I'll be fine?

I'd be okay with doing office work, but I don't really want to clean. Can I only do office work?

Out-of-Facility Volunteering Questions

Because out-of-facility volunteer opportunities are unique, we could never hope to make a FAQ section for this. Please either contact the shelter or our head volunteer coordinator (mimi@njhumane.org) to discuss any questions.